Cindy’s Roadmap to Improving Our Schools

Dear Poway Unified Voter,

I have 4 main focal points for my campaign. As an educator with backgrounds in both special and general education, awareness, inclusion, and equity for all children is even more important now, then it has ever been.

I wrote my dissertation on the Impact of No Child Left Behind. I know from years of extensive research and experience of working at all grade levels and with the vast exceptionalities of children, that as much as we would love for them to all go to college, it is not a realistic goal. Our children are all beautiful and talented in their own way. They need to expand their talents beyond core academics. They need programs such as art, music, PE, and drama, to name a few to make them well-rounded individuals and better prepared with other outlets to handle the uncertainties that lie ahead. Programs need to be kept intact.

My professional endeavors have afforded me the flexibility to volunteer thousands of hours over the years at the elementary school. I am aware that the district provides equitable funding to the schools. Unfortunately, those funds are not enough to meet the needs of the schools. Some PTAs are very fortunate to have successful fundraising events throughout the year to fund programs, purchase necessary equipment and supplies for the school. Other schools struggle and scrape to put together programs to create memories for students to cherish through the years. I want to support the schools fundraising efforts so that all the PTAs can put on memorable programs for the students.

I have been a Girl Scout leader for many years. I have vowed to be transparent with the girls and families on what happens with their hard-earned funds. Budgetary decisions are always difficult. Now, more then ever the budget is at the center of concern for almost every family in our district. Covid-19 has impacted the declining budget to the tune of millions of dollars. While it is not possible to make everyone happy, I believe that trust between the board and the community is built through transparency.

I believe that with my vast leadership experience, first-hand knowledge of working with teachers and students, and my passion for building community, are qualities that will serve me well as a trustee on the school board.

I hope to earn your vote.

Dr. Cindy Sytsma, PhD


Our children are all beautiful and talented in their own way an we must work to ensure that Poway Unified is providing a quality education for all of its students.


Improving Poway Unified school won’t happen in a vacuum, which is why we need to build bridges, bring community partners together, and work towards our shared goals with transparency.


Regardless of a child’s background or zip code, they deserve a quality education. By fostering inclusiveness and equity, we can guarantee that every child has a solid foundation to build their future.

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